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Trays of Food..Sides

The following items can be ordered and delivered
locally or added to your pig roast or Bbq

Fresh Smoke Roasted Pulled Pork: $98.00+ tax per pan.

Each pan will serve about 25-30 people. perfect for sandwiches or eat
it right from the plate. You will also get extra homemade
BBQ sauces, one mild and one spicy. This is the same meat
you would get from a roasted pig. Makes a great alternative
to roasting and carving the pig.

Smoked Pork Loin (sliced): $100.00+ tax per pan.
Each pan will serve about 25-30 people. Loin is lightly to
medium smoked and then sliced. Loin meat is white pork
with a pink smoke ring around the outer edge. Includes our
homemade mild & spicy sauces.

BBQ Beef (Top Round): $100.00+ tax per pan.
Each roast weighs approximately 23-25lbs. (before cooking).
Cooked in the same fashion as the pig, over a hardwood
fire. Then it is thinly sliced and served either hot or cold.
Includes our homemade sauces.

Beef Brisket (Smoked): $100.00+ tax per pan.

Each pan will serve about 25-30 people. Brisket cooked slow and
low with our special rub and then sliced thin. Includes our homemade sauces.

Smoked Wings: $65.00+ tax per pan.
About 70-80 pieces.

Chicken wings rolled in a special dry rub, smoked over
wood and covered with a mild or spicy sauce. A
great way to start any big party. These are our most
requested item to be added to a pig roast.

BBQ Spare or Baby Back Ribs (pork): $115.00+ tax
Approximately 60 ribs. covered with a wet rub
of spices and smoked over wood. Then they are
glazed with BBQ sauce and ready to eat. If you're a true fan
of BBQ food you will love these. Includes our homemade sauces.

Lightly Smoked Turkey Breast (2 per pan) $90.00+ tax
Smoked using apple wood and sliced thin. A nice
choice for those who would like to add something different
to their pig roast. For guests who may not eat pork or want to eat light

Macaroni & Cheese $40.00+ tax per pan
(about 25-30 servings).
Straight forward elbow macaroni and velveta cheese.
Peppers & onions can be added upon request.

Baked Beans with Apples & Sausage $40.00+ tax

Baked beans made with apples & sausage, they are simply the best.

Baked Ziti w/ Ricotta $55.00 + tax

Sausage, Peppers, Onions $70.00+ tax
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