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So where would the best place be to cook the pig
Our kitchen area we would require about a 20' x 12' area 
The pig roasting ovens and grills I use are very heavy. We do not carry them up steps, down steps. We do not put them on decks or inside garages. We also wont carry all the equipment 3 miles in the yard…if it is a long hike from our vehicle please let us know and we will bring extra help..

 The back yard:
Do you have a 50 inch opening? Is it a steep up hill/down hill. Will I be dodging horseshoes or volley balls all day?

 In the driveway:
The driveway is good as long as the cars are out of the way of the cooking area.

 In the parking lot:
We do this for a lot of businesses and it works well as long as we have a clear area.

 In the park:
If you are having your party at a park or campground just make sure the park knows we are roasting a pig. We are insured and I can fax a certificate to them. RTC is not responsible for any permits that are required. And as always we will leave the cooking area the way we found it, clean.

 What is the best serving time?This is the most common mistake I see a lot of customer make. Please take a minute, stop, think about the last party "you" went to. Did you arrive at the time on the invitation? NO you did not. The only people and the first people to any party are the in-laws, grandparents, your best friend (he/she helped you set up the party) and then there is always that person you hoped wouldn't show up. The best time I think to serve the pig is about 45 min to an hour after the said "party start time". Although there are a few exceptions, one being a surprise party.
Everybody wants to "fashionably" late and no one wants to be the first person to arrive.



 Just a little advice:
Ok, it is warm weather so where do we put the food? Let see we have some hot meat but we also have some nice salads made with mayonnaise, so what better place to put the food but in the SUN. That's right in the sun. Why? I am not really sure. Think I am kidding. I wish I was. About 50% of the outdoor parties we do we see the food in the direct sun. I think it happens due to the fact that most people set their tables and canopies up early in the day and do not realize where the sun is going to be later in the day. So just a heads up, sun rises in the East and travels across the Southern sky to the West.

 What Do You Do?
We arrive 2 hours before you would like your guests to eat light the grills and set up a buffet under a canopy. lf your meal time is @ 2pm, for example, we grill for 2 hours and once every one has had their fill we start breaking down. We are on site for about 5 hours all together providing food for 2-3 hours.

How do you cook the pig?
RTC uses a tow roaster to prepare your pig. The pig will arrive on site fully cooked two hours before your meal time. The roaster will be on and the pig will be available to your guest for photos, commentary etc. In order for us to truly control the cooking time and provide the best food service experience for you and your guest we use the roaster not a rotisserie grill.

When we arrive you can show use where you would like us to roast.
We will then go to our task of unloading and lighting the roaster.

Next we set up our cooking area with a small canopy and work tables. We may also set up grills and other equipment if needed.

We open the pig roaster every ½ hour or so to rotate the pig from one side to the other.
If you are having us do other food about 15 minutes before the serving time we will put out the salads and such.

While you and your guests are eating we will start our clean up as well as watching the food.
We will refill any dishes that need refilling. When we are ready to leave, we will leave any leftover meat and side dishes.

At this time we will request payment, pack up and leave. If we are packed and ready to leave but can not due to vehicles blocking the way you may be subject to a $60.00 per hour service fee to cover the hourly cost of sitting. . This rule will be Strictly enforced due to past situations where we were just left stuck. Although many times people ask us to stay and join their party (and we would like to) what they might not know is our day starts about 5:00am or earlier and although cooking the pig is the easy part, it is all the un-loading and cleaning we do that night when we return back to our location.

The following are a list of things we do not do.


Put the pig roaster in a building or under a deck. 

Take away trash from the party (just our waste). Yes if you are having a party or festival you will need to provide trash cans for your guests.

 Carry the roaster up steps over fences, walls or put it on ships or any kind of boats.



Payment Information:


Deposits are required to reserve dates and to pre-order other products. No date is fully reserved until I receive your deposit. If you decide to cancel your event, DEPOSITS are not refundable...Balance for all "on-site" jobs is due at the completion of the job. Balance for cook & deliver food or customer pick up pigs is due at time of pick-up/delivery. Payments can be made in the form of cash, check, money order or credit card. Do not send cash through the mail. Service fee for a bounced check will be $50.00 and you will be required to pay with credit card, money order or cash. All services performed & products sold in New Jersey are subject to New Jersey Sales & Use Tax of 7%.

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