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Beware of Imposters

The BBQ Pit and Grill
RTC Fine Catering Company

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The BBQ Pit & Grill

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It has been said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.
If this is the case, The BBQ Pit has been flooded with flattery. Over the years other area caterers and restaurants have tried to copy our menus, our colors, our on-site catering presentations, and many other of our signature nuances. 

Others offer low price, low quality, small portion, poor presentation BBQ that is also no bargain.
Some operations operate with no tangible, permanent business facilities as part-time caterers.
New companies start up from nowhere, with no accomplishments, and "self-title" themselves as New Jersey`s Best?
We have even had other companies use part of our business name with hopes of misleading the consumer that they were us! Other companies advertise catering very large functions, when in fact the majority has never done any large functions. Many companies serve boiled or baked BBQ, trying to pass it off as "Real Wood Cooked BBQ."

These are only a few of the misrepresentations to the public from some of the businesses over the years. The BBQ Pit has seen many of these businesses come and go over the last 15 years. Yet new ones surface (from nowhere) and use many of these same tactics again.

 In summary, I just wish that all the companies would be honest and straight-forward about who they are and what they can offer you, based on the actual hands-on experience they have when they make their offerings to you the customer. Don't misrepresent the actual experiences and skills you do have and go out and earn them with hard work, diligence, originality, and honesty.

 There is only one BBQ PIT. If you have your heart set on a truly great BBQ event, please don't settle for less! Remember, you can only get a Great event from the BBQ Pit. Beware of imposters and thank you for your consideration.

 Sincerely Yours

Robert Traetta

  Phone: 908-638-6811

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